BFC Promoting UK Film Industry at Sundance

22 January 2014

The UK film industry continued to make its mark on the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday as filmmakers and industry figures gathered at Park City’s High West Distillery to celebrate British talent and British film at the We are UK Film reception.

The event was hosted by the British Film Commission in partnership with the BFI, and was a chance not only for UK filmmakers to celebrate their work, but also for the international production community to learn about the UK’s ever more influential role in film production.

Chief Executive Adrian Wootton and SVP Tara Halloran with Billy Connolly. Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

The guest list combined talent with industry figures, including representatives from Warner Bros., HBO, Hulu, IMDb and United Agents.

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of the British Film Commission and Film London, was also present and took to the microphone in order to highlight all the UK has to offer: “We are proud to boast that the UK is a world-class filming destination, home to some of the world’s best crew and post production expertise, superb acting talent, state of the art facilities, excellent locations and the lucrative film tax relief which this year has been further enhanced.”

Elsewhere at the festival Stephen Knight’s Locke, starring Tom Hardy, continued its strong critical performance since its debut at last year’s Venice Film Festival. The tense, UK-shot drama was co-produced by US based IM Global and UK based Shoebox Films, and is yet another example of how the UK combines creative talent with technical expertise.

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