Snow White and the Huntsman, courtesy of Universal Pictures


The British Film Commission receives many enquiries about filming in the UK and we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions arranged by subject.

Travelling to the UK

What are the flight times from the US?

Los Angeles – 10.5 hours

New York – 7 hours

Where can I find out about visas and work permits?

Please visit our Entering the UK section for details on how to obtain visas and work permits.

How do I bring equipment into the UK?

Please visit our Entering the UK section for details on how to obtain visas and work permits.

General information

What time zone is the UK in?

The UK is in the Western European Time Zone; GMT is the Standard Time and in summer British Summer Time.

Click here to find out what time it is in the UK.

How do I telephone the UK?

To telephone in to the UK, dial +44, drop the first 0 and input the remaining number.

Where can I find the dates of public holidays?

Up-to-date information on bank and public holidays in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is available from the Directgov website.

The dates of Scotland’s bank holidays can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.

What are the rules on smoking?

A ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces came into force in England on 1 July 2007. The ban applies to film sets just as it does to other venues, however, if an actor is required to smoke as part of his or her role, then there is an exemption to allow them to do so for that part of the shoot.

The regulations can be viewed in full at the Office of Public Sector Information website

Where can I find information on exchange rate movements?

For up-to-date information on exchange rate, consult currency exchange and instant conversion sources such as Reuters

Where can I find more information on the UK?

Tourism body Visit Britain’s website has lots of useful information about visiting the UK.

Filming in the UK

How do I find crew?

Please visit the section on Crew on our website.

How do I find studios?

Please visit the section dedicated to Studios on our website.

Where can I find information on tax relief?

To find out more about tax relief, visit our UK Film Tax Relief section.

Where can I find more information on filming in the UK?

To learn more about filming in the UK, visit our Factsheets and the Filming in the UK section.

On location

How do I find locations?

Visit our section dedicated to Locations in the UK

How can I find out about distances and travelling times between cities?

Information on distances, routes and travelling times can be found using the route planners available online from the AA and RAC websites.

Where can I find information on sunlight hours?

Information on sunrise and sunset times in the UK is compiled by the HM Nautical Almanac Office.

Where can I find information on the weather?

Information on current weather conditions and future forecasts is available at the website of the Met Office

Films made in the UK

Where can I find information on levels of production?

Statistics on the UK film industry are released annually.

2012 figures illustrate the UK remains popular with international productions, generating £631 million of investment from 26 films, which is nearly 70% of all feature film production spend in the UK.

For more details, consult the BFI’s Research webpage.

Contact information

Who do I contact for information on filming?

You can contact the British Film Commission at for any information you require on filming in the UK.

For information on filming in a specific region, you may contact:

England (outside London)

Creative England
Northern Film and Media

Central and greater London

Film London

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Screen


Creative Scotland


Film Agency for Wales