Futuristic thriller Edge of Tomorrow highlights UK’s appeal

Entirely shot in the UK, Warner Bros.’ Edge of Tomorrow hits cinemas today. Directed by Doug Liman and starring Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise, the sci-fi thriller follows the pair as they fight a seemingly hopeless battle against alien invaders.

The film shot almost exclusively at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in Hertfordshire, highlighting the first-rate facilities available in the UK. “This was my first time shooting an entire movie in England” Liman said in an interview with the BBC, “it really was an extraordinary experience. We shot the entire movie on the stages and backlot at Leavesden”.

However, there was one notable exception: “The only time we left it was when we went to Trafalgar Square to land a massive military helicopter”.

In preparation for filming the sequence in one of London’s most iconic locations, the production team ran up against a potential difficulty – the helicopter in question, the SA 300 Puma, proved difficult to procure. However, they resolved the issue by getting in touch with the British Film Commission, who immediately contacted the RAF and were able to arrange permission for the use of a Puma on the day of the shoot.

The dramatic scene was made possible when supervising location manager Sue Quinn and the Mayor’s Office worked closely with the Metropolitan Police and London’s transport network to close off some of the capital’s busiest areas and ensure the scene was captured as the director and Tom Cruise envisioned it.

World-class crew praised

Along with the studios and locations, Liman was impressed by the UK’s production talent: “I’ve shot elsewhere in Europe, and my experience has been that, when you need a specialist, you fly someone in from England. I got to have the best in every department”.

UK crew featured heavily on Edge of Tomorrow, with Producer Tim Lewis, Editor James Herbert and Sound Designer James Boyle just a few of the Brits working on the production. Additionally, the film’s stunning visual effects were created by a variety of the UK’s world-renowned VFX houses including Oscar winning facilities MPC and Framestore along with Cinesite and Nvizible, further reinforcing the UK’s reputation as a one-stop-shop for production excellence.

Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt provided British presence in front of the camera as well, co-starring with Cruise. Blunt can also be seen in Disney’s UK shot comedy fantasy Into the Woods later this year.

Edge of Tomorrow will be released in cinemas nationwide today, for more details visit www.edgeoftomorrowmovie.com.